Clean Project: Week 2

I finished my CLOSET!!!image

2 more bags of clothes and a bin of shoes and other random crap I found.





I can find all of my clothes very easily now.  Also all the clothes and shoes in my closet fit and I LOVE.

My Goals for week 2:

Week 2 plan:

  • Tackle the bathrooms (didn’t start)
  • Continue with daily routine (yup)
  • Finish my closet (HELL YES!!!)
  • De-clutter the master bedroom (YES, and DH cleaned up his space!!!)
  • 3 Daily 20/10 Unf*ck Your Habitat (great website I found) (most days)
  • Start tacking Ant’s room (Started Ant’s room)

Not to bad but I really need to clean the bathroom.  I did clean out my car!!

Week 3 plan:

  • Finish Ant’s room
  • Deep Clean both bathrooms
  • Continue with my daily routine
  • 3 Daily 20/10 Unf*ck Your Habitat
  • Spot clean the basement

Leave for vacation with a CLEAN HOUSE!!!

Words of Wisdom

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