Great Day

Today was a great day! This morning I saw MFM. The Drs were happy with my fluid level, passed my NST with flying colors, and my BP was within normal range!  I was very pleased with all of this information. 

Saw my OB this afternoon also and met the OB I want to deliver baby V. She was very supportive of our natural birth plan and hypno birthing.  Plus she checked my cervix and I am 1 1/2 cm dialated and 80% effaced. She predicts me having this baby in the next 2-3 weeks which is perfect since they will want her out around 39 weeks. Tomorrow I will be 36 weeks. Best day of appointments in along time. 

35 Weeks

64244_777477809003894_6744547671719558066_nToday I had the opportunity to get maternity photos taken.  It was an awesome experience even though it was cold outside and posing in the snow.  I will be able to treasure this last pregnancy forever.

In the last week I have met my new OB practice and they are mostly supportive, which is great.  GD is under control with the help of insulin and NSTs are going great.  On Friday when they did my Bio Physical Profile (BPP), which is an u/s, apparently the amniotic fluid was on the low side of normal.  The dr and the u/s tech asked me if my water had broken.  Ummm…if it had I would have told you.  Well since baby V looked great otherwise they let me go.  I go back tomorrow and they will re-check the amniotic fluid.  I don’t know what they will do if it is still on the low side but I am not ready to have this baby.  She still needs time to bake.

33 weeks

***Warning this Post is all about pregnancy and has a picture of baby.***




image1This week I started twice a week NSTs and weekly bio physical for baby V.  The bonus of all this extra attention is we got this cute little picture of her face.  So far this week has been better then last week.  I have an appointment with a new OB and I am hopeful that they will let us give VBAC a shot.  The down/up side is I will be delivering at a different hospital then expect.  The upside of this is they have birthing tubes in the rooms.  I LOVE the water and think this will be helpful for a successfully VBAC.

Insulin is going great and nightly shots aren’t a big deal.  My glucose numbers have been in control and my BP is normal.  The goal over the next 5-7 weeks is to keep things this way to give baby V the best chance of not being hypoglycemic like her brother at birth.

32 Weeks

Thank you to all who have reached out to me in the last couple weeks.  It is nice to hear from potential DE moms.

This post will mainly be about what is going on in my pregnancy.  The last week or so has been rough.

Baby V and I are doing great.  She is healthy and growing just right.  At 30 weeks and 6 days my nurse and I decided I needed medication for my GD (Gestational Diabetes).  Over the last couple week my night-time fasting numbers have been gradually rising.  The frustrating thing about GD fasting number is there really is no way to control the number.  For meals I can eat less carbs and make better carb choices but for fasting it is almost all hormones.

My nurse initially started me on Glyburide.  I took Glyburide when I was pregnant with Ant to help my fasting numbers.  This time around through I did a little research on Glyburide and found that it has an increased risk of hypoglycemia in baby at birth.  Ant was hypoglycemic at birth and he spend almost a week in NICU.  This was something I did not want to repeat with baby V.  I emailed my nurse and told her my concerns and asked for other options.  Well the only other option is insulin.  For someone who has done 2 IVFs and 2 DE IVFs needles are no big deal.

While needles are no big deal to me but being on insulin meant I cannot stay with the midwife practice.  So this week I had to say goodbye to the practice I love and start searching for a new one.  The hard part about this search is #1 I want to try to VBAC (vaginal birth after c-sec). #2 I have GD and #3 I am on insulin.  The first practice I contacted said that I am to high risk and recommended a high risk OB over 45mins away from my house and a hospital I knew nothing about.  It is hard hearing no, especially at 32 weeks when I already feel like a ticking time bomb.

Next week I have to contact two more options and hope one of them will take me on.  Otherwise it looks like I may have to drive farther.  Also next week starts twice a week NST (none stress test).  My boss is going to be so frustrated with me by the end but my number 1 concern is baby V.  I want her to be healthy and that is why I made the tough choice to use insulin instead of Glyburide.

What I have learned from this past week is that we need to ask our Drs questions.  Sometimes we follow what they tell us blindly.  From now on I am going to be asking about the Benefits, Risks, and Alternatives.  I can no longer follow their advice blindly.

Second Chance

Becoming a parent for the second time is a completely different experience then the first time.  I have a better idea of what to expect both in pregnancy and birth.  Last time with about 6-8 weeks left in my pregnancy they found sugar in my urine.  We learned soon after that that I had Gestational Diabetes (GD) and the end of my pregnancy with Ant was a roller coaster.  Ant’s birth wasn’t ideal either with an induction, BP issues, and a week stay in the NICU.  As a second time parent I want to avoid these things.

I wasn’t sure how much I could control some of these factors.  The GD was obviously something I couldn’t change but we caught it early and I am currently managing my sugars with diet and exercise.  The goal is to keep my sugars in check through my whole pregnancy and avoid having baby girl in the NICU also.

The biggest regret I have about Ant’s birth was missing the first 24hrs of his life due to hime being in the NICU and me recovering from a c-sec.  I am being very proactive this pregnancy and have hired a doula to help me VBAC(Vaginal Birth After C-sec), finding a supportive provider, and hypnobirthing classing.  If I end up needing a c-sec again I am ok with this but I would prefer a natural birth.  I want to breastfeed my daughter minutes after giving birth.  I want her to be with us in the hospital room.

All I can do is prepare and hope for the best.  The rest is in God’s hands and my caregivers.

Not a Big Deal

Five years ago when we were pregnant with Ant, I was concerned about how he was not genetically related to me.  This time around, it is the last thing on my mind.  What I have learned in the last five years is that genetics don’t matter, the love of a family matters.  We have told Ant his story many times.  Since transferring Frosty it has given us many opportunities to talk about Ant’s and Frosty’s story.

Someday I hope to tell our Egg Donor how grateful I am for her donation.  She has helped us create our perfect family of four.  I love our children and look forward to doing this all over again with our daughter Frosty.  Maybe time for a new nickname too :)

19 weeks


Time is flying by and it is hard to believe  that this pregnancy is almost halfway over.  It is amazing how different I feel this time around.  I have more energy and I am exercising. 
Let me catch you up on what is going on.  I failed my one hour glucose test and I am now being treated like I am gestational diabetic. My goal is to have my sugars under control and avoid the NICU this time around.  We have also hired a doula to help me with my goal of a VBAC.  My number 1 fear is missing out on the first 24 hours of this BABY’S life too.  Also, I have decided to switch from the big OB practice to a small midwife practice.  They have great VBAC  statistics and I look forward to getting to know them better.

Life in general has been very busy between family, work, grad school, physical therapy, and preparing for this baby.  One of my oldest and closest friends is helping me organize our house to make room for baby.  The plan is to have it all finished before baby arrives.

Frosty is doing great.  In the last   couple weeks movements and kicks have been stronger.  DH  got to feel Frosty kick too.  Now I hope Ant can get a chance to feel Frosty kick soon.  This week is the big u/s where can find out the gender.  I have no strong preference.  We are planning a reveal for family and friends this weekend.  Then the real planning begins.

We are PREGNANT!!!

Today is July 28, 2014, These early post will go up after we have made our official announcement.

We did our transfer on Monday July 14, 2014.  We had one beautiful embryo to transfer.  At transfer Frosty was already hatching.  Everyone was very happy with Frosty’s quality.  Transfer was uneventful and we were in and out of the office in less then an hour.

FrostyAround Sunday July 20th I started having some early pregnancy symptoms such as frequent urination and pregnancy brain.  I blamed these symptoms on other things.  Early that week DH and I discussed taking a pregnancy test early since he would not be with me the date of our beta.  He had to work and this way we would find out together.  I caved and bought wondfo pregnancy tests and some First Response pregnancy tests.  I started POAS (peeing on a stick) on July 24th, 10 days post transfer.  The cheapie wondfo tests were great. As you can see bellow the line gets darker everyday!Pee sticks
On  Monday July 28th I went in for my first beta.  My RN called me that afternoon with the good news that our beta was very strong at 2414, 14 days post transfer.

We have been over the moon excited about baby #2 and it has been really hard to keep it under the radar.  We will see how long we last keeping this a secret.  At this point we have told a select group of friends but don’t want to tell the whole world till we have at least seen the heart beat.

Ant is very excited about being a big brother.  We actually told him about transfer and how they put a baby in my belly.  When he started asking about having a sibling is when I started to explain to him how I needed help and about his conception a little bit more.  I told him that we were going to try one more time and if it worked he would be a brother.  If it didn’t work it would be just the 3 of us.  Ant would then correct me and say, “No, the 5 of us.  You can’t forget Hammy and Athena our cats.”  So far he has been great at keeping our secret but definitely wants to share the good news with his friends.

Later today on the 28th on the way home someone rear ended me. It was minor but it stole part of my joy and replaced it with fear.  Luckily none of us were hurt seriously and Frosty seems to be doing great still.  What I am most upset about is that  my joy has been temporarily lost.  I want to find that excitement again about Frosty.  Over the next couple days I hope to recapture the joy we initially felt when we found out the news that we are going to be adding to our family.