The Dreaded Question

Some how we have made it almost 4 years without Ant asking this question. “When am I going to have a sister or brother?” Tonight as I am putting him to bed he asks me. Granted I am in shock over other news but I was caught off guard. Many of his friends have sibling but he hasn’t shown any interest until today.

Currently, I am feeling a little vulnerable. Back in August, Ant and I decided it was time to wean. I miss breastfeeding but we had the perfect ending. We both can still talk about it fondly. Race season is winding down (I am now a triathlete and a runner) and my focus is on other things. DH and I have started talking about when we want to transfer our tosicle too.

I was not ready for his question!

We have a plan for our sweet tosicle and I pray everything works out.  Hopefully I can blog more later but I am exhausted.

Positive Outlook

As you know my new motto for life is, “Not if, but when.” Infertility has shaken my faith to the core and in the last six month or so I have been rebuilding it. Just a few simple changes in my daily life like making a prayer time every day have changed my outlook on EVERYTHING!

Over the first 8+ years of our marriage we have made many mistakes.  We haves learned from these many mistakes but today I found one thing that I did right.  Granted I have done many other things right but this one thing lifted my spirits even more. I want to shout it from the roof tops, that is how proud I am.

Life is moving in a positive direction and I love it.

Potty Training Regression

This weekend Ant had some potty training regression.  On Sunday he had 4 accidents!  He peed his pants at church, while playing at the mall (about 20mins after using the potty), on the way home in the car, and then at dinner.  By the end of the day I was at my wits end and was ready to put him in a pull-up just for my sanity.  Monday at daycare was just as bad because he peed his pants twice and then had an accident at home.

The most interesting thing was on Saturday evening he was AWESOME! We were at a minor league baseball game because my students sang the National Anthem.  He went almost 2 hours without using the potty and kept his trainer dry the entire evening!

Monday I resolved to start using a sticker chart to encourage dry days.  We opted to give him a sticker for a dry day at daycare and then another one if he kept dry for the evening also. Evenings have been a little bit of an issue the last week.  Well, on Tuesday Ant didn’t have a dry day at daycare but he was dry Tuesday evening.  Before going to bed we put our first sticker on his sticker chart (he needs 10 for a special treat of going out to ice cream).

Today was AMAZING!  At daycare Ant was dry all day and he even told them when he needed to go potty and poop.  Then he also had a dry afternoon.  It is amazing how quickly his regression has turned around.  We are now 3 stickers to our 10 sticker goal.  I think I am looking forward to our special ice cream treat!!!

Potty Training Day 2 & 3

Day 2 was a combination of these two methods:

How to Potty Train in 2 days:  In the middle of Day 1 I happened upon this website and I used part of this for Ant’s potty training.

Potty Training in 3 days or less: I found this site in the middle of day 2 and I really like it.  What I like about this technique is the child will be more independent and tell you when you when they need to go potty.

We started the morning with putting Ant on the potty every 10mins.  After my yoga class we moved onto the 3 days or less technique because I wanted Ant to tell us when he needed to go potty.

During days 2 and 3 we left the house and ran some errands.  It was very scary going out to dinner with a newly potty trained toddler but Ant did great.  We discovered that he was afraid of the VERY large potties at the Restaurant.  He did eventually got to the potty while we were out successfully but it was after SEVERAL attempts.  We ended up buying a potty seat and have fallen head over heels in love with it.  It comes with us EVERYWHERE!

Kalencom 2 in 1 Potette plus. The best things about this seat is it is sturdy, easy to clean, and can be used for road trips and there is no potty in site (haven’t had to use it for this yet).

Daycare was a tough transition but Ant is now consistently having dry days at daycare.  Thank goodness for our amazing daycare provider who was on board 100%.

We did end up using M&Ms for a special treat after Ant goes pee or poop.  He is also wearing pull-ups for night time and nap time (I hate disposable diapers) but it just wasn’t worth washing every other day for 4 diapers.

Operation Potty Training: Day 1

We are currently about a week into the potty training process. I will be post a recount of our experience.  We originally went into this experience thinking Ant would be completely potty trained in just a few days.  Yes, he does great but for us it has taken longer then a few days.

The week before Easter was my Spring Break (a perk of being a teacher).  DH had the bright idea of potty training some time during my 10 days off.  We opted for Easter weekend.  The Potty training 101 start Friday and I went back to work the following Tuesday.  We had 4 day and hopefully less to get Ant potty trained.

Prior to starting the potty training process, I tried to do a little research on how to best potty train and if he was even ready to potty train.  According to some websites he was ready but others didn’t thinks so.  We opted to start with my MIL’s advice of spending the entire day bare bottom (just Ant) exploring how his body worked.  The plan was to eat chips and drink juice to promote more potty practice.  I suggest if you try this find a non-carpeted surface that is easily cleaned.  There is a lot of cleaning up pee and poop in your future.

Day 1:  The morning started off great and Ant peed in the potty when he first woke up and then we went down stairs for breakfast.  We opted for a normal breakfast and then started chips and juice around 10am.  During breakfast Ant says to me, “Mama have to poop.”  I of course rush him to the potty and he proceeds to poop and pee!  Yeah Ant!  Also a little while later we make it to the potty.  The day was starting off great.  The rest of the morning was more pee filled.  Later in the morning he peed in the middle of the kitchen floor and afterwards I talked with Ant about how that felt.  Also, that if he has that feeling he should tell me and he can go sit on the potty.  A few more accidents happened and we made the potty at least one more time.  The morning was 50% of the pees and poop were in the potty.  The rest was on the kitchen floor.

During his nap he wore a diaper.

While Ant napped I did a little more research and came across this website: How to Potty Train in 2 days.  Her big thing was to put your child on the potty every 10mins all day long.  This is A LOT of work but I figure lets give it a shot.

After Ant’s nap I placed him on the potty every 10mins.  He didn’t mind sitting on the potty every 10mins to much and he realized quickly if he didn’t have to pee that he was done and wanted to go back to playing.  If you use this system don’t stray from the 10mins.  The one time I went longer Ant peed on the floor (of course).

By the end of the day I felt exhausted but successful.  I was looking forward to another day and to see how much he retained from the previous day.

To be continued…

Night Weaning: Night 3

I was hoping to skip today because I figured Ant was going to sleep through the night..HAHA!  One must never assume that their child will sleep through the night after one successful night. Ant woke up at 1:10am and DH got him back to sleep quickly. To my surprise he woke up again at 5:10am. When I glanced at my clock, I thought it was 5:30 so I was planning to just fi in and nurse him.

When I walked into Ant’s room I discovered that it was barely 5am. I was all set to nurse him but I didn’t want this to become a normal habit.  Yes, Ant was upset at first that I didn’t nurse him but he didn’t fuss very long. After about 10 mins he was back in bed and on his way back to sleep. SUCCESS!  Well almost…now he just needs to stop waking up.
I am happy that DH and I are able to get Ant back to sleep without nursing him. Ant is on the path to night weaning and hopefully to many more nights of 10-12hrs straight without waking up.

Daytime nursing is going great and we are officially down to just 3 nurses a day.  I am happy to be at this point. No rush to wean daytime nursing.

Night Weaning: Night 2

Night 2 went better then I thought. Ant slept from 8:30pm to 7:30am. There are many reasons why he might have slept all through the night.

1. We had Rolly Pollies, which ties him out.
2. We went to our favorite park to play with friends. Ant ran all over the place.
3. I had a drink with dinner…but that was several hours before bed time, so the alcohol was out of my system.

Whatever it was I hope it continues.

Daytime breastfeeding is going great because he is nursing about 3 times now morning, nap, and bedtime. This is perfect! It is nice to have a little more freedom. I still love nursing Ant to bed and nursing him in the morning. My long term goal is for us to wean between 2 and 3. This way I can have my body completely back for a little while before we do our FET (whenever that is going to be).

Night Weaning

Weaning is a bad word in my vocabulary. Since Ant and I be came breastfeeding pros, I decided to let Ant lead the weaning process.

Over the last year his nursing sessions have gotten shorter and have slowly decreased. On a work day he nurses 2-4 times. Depending on if he wakes up in the middle of the night and if he wants to nurse when I get home from work. During the weekends he nurses 4-6 times a day. Of course it all depends on what we are doing. He also doesn’t nurse very often when we are not home. Ant is distracted by everything that is going on.

Over the last 6 months I have been going back and forth with night weaning Ant. I am not ready to wean and neither is Ant but I am longing for consistant nights of 8 hrs sleep for me or just not waking up in the middle of the night to nurse. It seems every time I night wean him something happens such as Ant gets sick. When he is sick he really needs to nurse, so I don’t refuse him. Even if it is 3 times at night. He doesn’t feel well and mommy milk makes him feel better.

I am at the point where I am ready to night wean again but I waver. My heart aches when I refuse him my milk because it makes him so happy and is a great bonding experience for us. My fear is he will night wean and be done nursing. :(

Even though I waver, I know it is time.