I know as soon as I write this post AF will arrive but I am going to write it anyways. 

For the past 2 months TTC #2 has not been on my mind very much(minus the random times people ask about #2).  It has been great and have truly been enjoying life with DH and Ant.

Usually the only time I check my cycle tracker is to determine when AF is coming.  I think for a moment about how great it would for it to happen and then AF comes.  There are no worries and no anxiety about hurrying up and adding to our family.

Well, AF is late…only a day but she is late. Looking back at my cycles I have had a few over 28 but most are 28 or less.  I know she is on her way because I have been bitchy with DH.  Also, I have had cramping that started yesterday. She is coming just a matter of when. I even tempted fate by not bring any pads, tampons, or my diva cup with me to work yesterday. Still nothing!

My biggest fear is I will start flowing mid-class and have no way to get to the bathroom. Going to use a liner just in case.

There is a very small party of me that still gets excited and hopeful but I am very guarded. Just for fun I even looked up my EDD and could imagine the possibility.  This is a good place.

Dear AF if you are going to come please don’t wait much longer. I am enjoying the possibility but I don’t want you to crush me. I am in a good place, no more teasing just come!