Shake the Crazies Out

After 3 years of TTC, 9 months of pregnancy, almost 2 years since Ant’s birth, and I am finally starting to feel like myself again!!!

This past month I have been focusing on bettering myself and not worrying about completing our family.  After 3 months of tracking my cycle I realize how crazy it makes me feel.  I would rather focus my crazies on eating right and exercising.

Granted, I still have my moments.  At my weekly breastfeeding support group, I found out one of the mothers was newly pregnant and her little one wasn’t even a year yet!  There was a little tightness and then I was able to relax and enjoy the rest of the group.  This situations will always present themselves, so I need to be prepared and let them just roll off.  Now that I am not in denial about our situation anymore it is easier to let to move past these moments.  It helps to remind myself that someday my family will be complete.

Today I did have a moment when Ant was playing with his baby doll and I could just imagine him being a great big brother now.  But these are just small moments in the big picture.  No matter what Ant will be a great big brother at 2, 3,4 etc.  It doesn’t matter when (even though it feels like it should be happen now at times).

It is great to feel like myself again and I will keep striving to enjoy every moment…time passes so quickly now.