Best Moments of 2011

Here are some of my favorite moment from the past year.  Of course I am going to start with Ant’s first birthday.  Just looking at this picture makes me realize how much he has grown this past year.  In less then 2 months my little man will be 2!!!  It is hard to believe.

I have talked a lot about my sister and I look a like.  During my spring break I went and visited my sister in Nebraska.  She got to meet Ant man for the first time and I got to meet her boyfriend.  I really wish my sister lived closer and we got to see each other more often but the distance makes me cherish moments like these.

This year I have found it easier to be around my family.  I rarely get to visit my family since they live so far away and they all have kids (minus my youngest sister).  Ant got to meet all of his cousins for the first time.  He enjoyed spending time with them but I am sure next time will be better because they all have younger siblings now.

During the summer we also visited DH’s family.  To be honest I LOVE visiting his family.  They just love on Ant and are very supportive of EVERYTHING.  Miss them so much and wish we were able to see each other more often.  I know I have already shared this picture but it was great seeing my RE again.  Especially since it will most likely be at least another year before I see him for our FET.  He is the one who finally broke it down for me in a way that I could understand.  Without my amazing RE   Ant wouldn’t be here today.  Thank you Dr.W!

My little Ant man and his curls…I miss his curls but I love his big boy hair cut.  My little man has grown so much!

Goodbye curls and hello big boy!  I still have his little curl in my wallet.  Need to find a way to display his little curl and keep it safe.

Christmas #2 was amazing!   This year was better then last year because Ant was excited to open presents and even opened every single one on his own.  He loved seeing Santa and giving him a high five.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!  May 2012 be a very fertile year!