Ant, AF, Vitex, and TTC

Our Christmas was AMAZING and Ant was completely spoiled. Ant is doing much better.  We are down to just a few nebulizer treatments a day and he is finishing up his antibiodics.  His sleep if FINALLY starting to return to normal.  While he was sick he was waking up every 2hrs to nurse!!!  This equaled a VERY tired mommy.  Last night though he slept through the night.  I woke up at 6:00 wondering why he hadn’t woken up yet.

Well, AF has come and gone again.  It seems the vitex helped this cycle because ovulation was on day 15 and my luteal phase was 14 days long!!  Win for vitex and normalizing my cycle.  The plan is to stay on vitex as long as it lengthens my cycles.  As for cramps they weren’t nearly as bad as my previous cycle.  I am still confused as to why that cycle was so painful but who knows.  If it happens again I will call my OB if not, I will just wait for my annual appointment.

After having a rough month emotionally about TTC, I have concluded that temping is NOT my friend.  During my cycle I am constantly checking my chart and analyzing every temp.  It was very exciting making it to a 14 day luteal phase but it also gave me hope that we could have conceived.  So, for my sanity it is time to stop temping and just enjoy this next year with DH and Ant.  Big guy upstairs, I am leaving it up to you!

So much more to talk about but DH is waiting for me to watch a movie!

Yoga, Supplements, and Other Changes

Two steps forward and one step back but at least I am moving in the right direction!  Last week I was rocking all of the changes but this week has been a halfway effort.  My excuse was my friend was staying with us, so I couldn’t do yoga in the basement as normal.  But that was just an excuse.  No more excuses!

I love my yoga for fertility DVD!  When I do get my tired butt out of bed I really enjoy the DVD.  As of last week made it through the first 30mins (the hard part).  My goal was to be able to do the whole DVD by the end of this week.  It is now Wednesday and I haven’t even  attempted the DVD once this week (After I am done with this blog I might try).

Supplements are going good minus the B6.  I realized my multivitamin already had 40mg in it and taking an addition 100mg was TOO much.  This means I am currently just taking the vitex.  Unfortunately, I won’t know if the vitex is working for at least 3 months.  Time to just wait and see.

My diet is getting better, FINALLY!  Minus this past weekend, I eat meat rarely and enjoying adding new recipes to my vegan rotation.  We are also trying to get out less.  As a family we have always been terrible at this.  Neither DH or myself consider ourselves good cooks but we are trying to get better.  Last week, I believe I cooked 4 out of the 5 work day which is great for us.  I am hoping this trend continues.

This currently cycle has been different than previous cycle.  Ovulation pain this month lasted for 3 days and I expect my temps to jump tomorrow (based on future cycles, cervical mucus and other things).  DH and I are having fun trying to catch that egg.  The ovulation pain again makes me worried about endo.  Maybe I just creating these symptoms but if AF is painful again like last cycle, I am calling my OB!  My dear friend with endo how do you live with this pain all the time?!?

Wish us luck!  Maybe we will get our miracle? (Optimist: It could happen!) (Realist: Haha, now that is a funny one.)